Covid-19 Impact

June 01, 2020

How has Covid- 19 outbreak effected our clients?

I believe this virus Covid- 19 has effected EVERYONE but more so our clients with routine change and basically turning their lives upside down! Our clients are used to being able to come to the DAC to do leisure activities and work and earn money to buy the things they want and even to pay their bills.

 Our clients look forward each day to be able to come to work or to go out to eat for supper and even some of the individuals want to just to be able to see different PEOPLE and their friends at the DAC.  By not being able to do that, takes a lot from them and they become depressed and tend to shut down to the point where they stay in their bedrooms through long period of time.

 I can only imagine how difficult it is the individuals who live on their own. How they must be feeling? Not to be able to see anyone. Can you imagine not being able to see your loved ones or people you used to be able to see before? I would struggle to handle it.

 Even for our clients who have lost loves ones and not being able to find peace and forced to put funeral arrangements on hold. A lot of our clients who lose a loved one need help getting through a grieving time and the thought of not being able to give them a hug and telling them that everything is going to be okay because of Covid-19 social distancing.  Crazy that something like a virus makes you take things for granted on not being able to hug someone you care for. 

The biggest thing that I have seen from working at the group homes while the DAC has been closed is that our clients not being able to see their families and even friends that is the biggest hardship for some of our clients. To lose out on Easter holiday to visit their family and Birthdays not being able to celebrate their birthdays are all adding up.

That being said, I feel we as human being should show KINDNESS through all of this and help one another get through this by just a simple call or even a letter to our clients and showing them how much we care and miss them.


Everything will be okay thinking Positive!!

Rubi Z